Hello! Welcome to the newly renewed Angry Code website. My friends and I
have been on haitus for a while simply because...well, we have lives that needed attending to. Let me introduce myself; I am LadyPhoenix. I am the designated layout designer and therefore will be the one dealing with any
issues that might occur with the website. My team-members, 3C> (It's a
Carrot if you didn't figure it out; Alias Keret) Kas and Macabre will be posting their writings, as will I. Angry Code is our creative outlet where we express
our thoughts and feelings through our stories and poems. Anything on this site, unless credited otherwise, belongs to us. So I, LadyPhoenix, hopes that no one steals our things
or I will rain ash and fire upon your mortal beings. Please enjoy your stay. ^_^


Date | September 15, 2010 |
Rants and Artwork
Keret's back-back-back, back again-gain-gain. I put up a new rant and a new picture to signify my return. I will also most likely add poetry in the upcoming weeks and stuff, but right now I'm primarily working on my novel. I am also regularly updating my blog, titled the KitKatBox on blogspot, so check it out. Perhaps I will put up a sample of my novel here one day, but we'll see about that. I know the forum is dead, but I wish we still had the chatbox!

Date | August 16th 2010 |
Up and Running (Sort of)
LadyPhoenix again. I have officially finished transferring everything from the
old layout onto this new one. So everything should be up and running. If there are any broken links, please let me know. As of right now, the Forum is inactive. I will
be informing 3C> of this as soon as I can so that we can get our forum back up and running. I have not updated anything new on the site, so I apologize for that. I have removed the first chapter of the Harry Potter fanfic and I will upload the new chapter when Kas and I have finished writing it. Thank you for your patience.

Date | August 14th 2010 |
New Layout and Possibly More!!
Whoo Hoo! LadyPhoenix here. I've attempted to revive this website by giving it a
new layout. Looks a lot nicer and cleaner than the previous, imo. The picture is
from the teaser poster of the final Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

On that note, the Harry Potter fanfic that Kas and myself are currently working on will be completely rewritten as we have gone through and done some major editing,so a new chapter 1 will be posted shortly. The current chapter is not the final draft, unfortunately. The upcoming chapters will most likely be looked at in more depth and edited and then discussed, before uploading it onto the website to prevent...what happened with this chapter. Haha.

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